For over 45 years, The United Stage has served as a worldwide consortium for over 25,000 international Theatre professionals and amateurs who vehemently believe Playwrights must direct the original production of their plays in order for their vision to be wholly realized on stage. There are no dues or membership fees to join. No one makes any money off this site or off the idea or implementation of this entity. We ask only for your support as Citizens of this state of euphoria and what we consider to be the paramount Playwright's Project in the world. United We Write & Direct. Divided We Write. If you are seeking dramatic script writing help, please visit our affiliate, the polymathic Script Professor, David Boles, for direct assistance.

United Stage Star Logo! "Let’s begin in Ancient Greece, the cradle of Western drama. Here, Playwrights like Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides were not mere writers; they were integral to the staging of their plays. They understood the nuances of their work better than anyone else. The Playwright was the director, the visionary who brought their intricate narratives and profound characters to life. This complete control over their creations ensured that the plays were presented as envisioned." -- Return of the United Stage!

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United We Write & Direct.
Divided We Write.
Playwrights must not just direct their plays,
but also produce them!

Many directors are trying to force a "co-author" credit when they direct plays since they feel they are the "author" of the live version of the play.

Luckily, that effort alone will kill off directors and force Playwrights into directing what they write.

Do Playwrights demand "co-director" credit for writing the structure of the "live version" of the play?


The United Stage's purpose is to force playwrights into taking responsibility for the entire vision of their plays by demanding they direct what they write in the initial production of their work.

Good Playwrights see the play in their minds already... they set the lights... colors... sets... sounds and actors all within the pages of their scripts.

The difficult part of that process is that it only begins once the play is written.

To completely realize the play, the Playwright must take the written page and translate that vision into being on a live stage. It's a great challenge and a great joy to bring the written word to life!

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Who directed Shakespeare's plays?

Shakespeare directed Shakespeare!

Who directed Moliere's plays?

Moliere directed Moliere!

Playwrights started directing (and acting) in their own plays because they had to... there were no directors around to employ.

"Directors" are an invention in the last 100 years and they've become an unfortunate crutch that many untrained Playwrights are forced to lean upon.

Playwrights must toss down the crutch that is the modern day director, and walk on their own.

After all, it's their name on the Playbill, and if the production isn't successful, it's always the Playwright's fault no matter how good the script happens to be.

In order to take full credit (and blame!) for a play, Playwrights must also form the live production and revise their scripts accordingly to reflect the realities of the stage.

This effort can only make for better Playwrights, stronger plays, and give the life of the play back where it belongs: in the Playwright's cradled and calloused hands.


David Boles is the founder of the United Stage! Playwrights must take responsibility for the event of their own creative production!


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Direct the plays you write. Produce the plays you write. The play is the thing. The vision is yours. Own the experience in total!